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Application design and development

Application design and development

As a boutique custom software shop and content studio, we'll help produce your non-gaming applications and virtual experiences with hands-on management, research, design and development via our network of 3D professionals.

Let's virtual realize it!

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Weekly conversations about what's happening in the VR tech world and how to build VR experiences, with your hosts, Jonathan and Jarrett Linowes

Uncle Jonny's Virtual Reality Podcast


Authored by Parkerhill team members


Authored by Parkerhill team members

Augmented Reality for Developers book

Build exciting AR applications on mobile and wearable devices with Unity 3D, Vuforia, HoloLens, ARKit and ARCore.
A project-based, tutorial approach. 

Augmented Reality for Developers
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Unity Virtual Reality Projects book

Learn to build VR applications using the Unity 3D engine. For beginner and advanced developers alike. A project-based, tutorial approach. 

"Unity Virtual Reality Projects" 
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Over 6 hours packed with Unity VR fun!
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Cardboard VR Projects for Android developers book

Develop mobile virtual reality apps using the native Google Cardboard SDK for Android

"Cardboard VR Projects for Android" 
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Hackathons, Workshops, Meetups

Co-organizer and sponsor of community events

Co-organizer and mentor team lead of the Reality, Virtually Hackathon @ MIT Media Lab. Unity VR and AR workshop presentations at Harvard Innovation Lab, Boston University, So. NH University
New Hampshire VR/AR Meetup, IDGA, and other groups.

Parkerhill Internship Program 

For students and young professionals
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