Our approach is we’re bringing casual genre games into VR, adding delightful VR immersion to games you already know. Not everyone wants to play first person zombie shooters sometimes a nice game of solitaire is just right, so everyone can enjoy VR without expecting a super intense experience all the time.

about Power Solitaire VR

You're at your desk, in a dingy office. You’re bored, you hate your job, Microsoft Solitaire is on the computer monitor. There’s paper balls on your desk, you can throw in the trash can. You can knock things off your desk. On the table is a deck of cards. You pick it up and you’re teleported into a fantasy solitaire room. Then you can play solitaire. There’s also a multiplayer mode. You go into a conference room where you can meet other people online also in VR. The gameplay there is you each get your own deck of cards, but you can put your cards onto my piles. Then I get pissed off and put my cards onto your piles. The game gets fast and competitive. It’s a ton of fun, and there’s voice chat so it’s a social experience. You can also play against a robot.

about Chess or die

You are a secret agent chasing terrorists who have stolen a time machine. But the only way to unlock doors, diffuse bombs, and go through portals is to solve chess puzzles. As you go along you discover pages from an instruction manual. The instructions are actually little chess lessons,the puzzles you need to solve relate to that lesson. So, as you progress through the game, you learn chess and become a better chess player.